Lee Braun

"What a fabulous partnership working with Carina has been over the past few years...and partnership is the perfect word to use. I believe we are on the 10th project together and Carina started with re-creating our logo and whole "style" for our real estate team. She spent a lot of time getting inside my head and figuring out what I didn't even know I wanted until she showed it to me. I get amazing compliments on what she has produced. Carina takes on my large projects, but even more importantly, sometimes it is just making a small change to something I currently use in advertising. I know she will respond quickly, get me exactly what I need at a reasonable price. I am thankful she is a part of my "team"."

Lee Braun | Poole Braun Real Estate


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Vicky Choy

"I always enjoy working with Carina. She listens and understand the business strategy behind the need for her services and makes sure that it is translated into the finished product."

Vicky Choy | Event Accomplished

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Ingrid Porter

"Carina was such a professional to work with on my project. She was very open to my ideas and took them to the next level. I am super pleased with the results and recommend her highly."

Ingrid Porter | Interior Designer

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