Brand Booster Tip #2 | Year End Brand Assessment


We're all feeling that year-end crunch. We are focused on wrapping up 2018 projects and setting goals for 2019. Doing it all while prepping for and attending holiday celebrations with family and friends. Each year I spend time doing a brand assessment before jumping into my goals for the following year. 


You might be asking, what is a brand assessment and why do I need to make time for it? 


In short, a brand assessment is a review of your brand. Looking over your messaging and visuals on all the platforms you use to communicate with people about your business. For most of us that includes: 

  • your website: images, copy, and your call to actions

  • email

  • your outgoing voice message

  • social media platforms: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • your CRM workflow and communications

  • your inquiry forms and responses

You might not be active on all these social media sites, but your business description, contact info, and profile images should be up to date on every platform.


Each year your business evolves. You might be targeting a new level of client, changing your offerings, or had a shift in your style. Your brand should reflect these things so you can attract the best clients in 2019.


Here are three easy things to review and update to give your brand a refresh for next year. 

1. Check Your Moodboard

Create an updated vision board for your business. Collect images from online sources or magazines that visually communicates your current brand style and reflects your goals for the upcoming year. I like to use a secret Pinterest board for this. Put together a brand new vision board for your business and after a day or two go back to review the images you selected again. With a keen eye, look for one or two themes that fit your brand and current goals for your business. Clear everything but the images that match your brand goals for 2019 so you can focus on what's most important to your business.

2. Collect Reviews

If you haven't already, collect written reviews from this year's clients. Reach out to your 2018 clients and ask them to answer the following questions:

  • What was your biggest concern about your project before it began?

  • How did we ease your concerns?

  • What could we have done better?

  • How did we exceed your expectations?

  • Then ask them to review their experience with your product or service.

Requesting more than a general review can be insightful information to improve not only your products or services but the copy you use to talk about your offerings. 

Add 2018 reviews to your website to build trust with prospects and help with SEO. 

3. Update your website

Update your website with photos from your favorite projects for 2018, add the reviews, and update your copy using keywords this year's clients shared when they answered your questions.

Make the changes and put your best work out there to book your next level clients in 2019. I can't wait to see your refresh! 

Want a more in-depth brand assessment with action steps specific to your business?

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Thanks for giving me a few minutes and the opportunity to share branding tips with you!