Brand Booster Tip #1 | Improve Your Email Signature


I have wanted to share branding tips with you all year but had some anxiety about putting myself out there. I have a pile of ideas. Instead for sharing them with you I wasted time over thinking it and stopped myself from moving forward. Maybe some of you can relate? 

This morning I listened to Whitney English talk about goals and specifically all the things that stop us from reaching them. You can check it out here. Needless to say, it motivated me to share this initial branding tip with you and to ask you to subscribe to my new monthly newsletter, the BRAND BOOSTER.

I never want you to feel like I'm invading your inbox. I want to add value to your brand in manageable chunks and share information that helps you grow your brand. You can signup here


I recently read articles about email signatures and what works best. These are quick and easy ways to implement brand best practices with every email communication. The first one surprised me the most because I haven't seen people using it. 

  1. Include a photo of yourself. It builds trust and a personal connection.

  2. Tell them what you do, include your business name and an understandable job title. Owner/CEO doesn't mean anything to prospects or publications. If you are a jewelry maker come up with the smart job title that describes what you do.

  3. Include a Call To Action (only one). The easiest thing is asking them to follow you on social media, but if you want to add people to your email list or have a relevant download that's good too.

  4. This one surprised me…be sure to include "sent from my iPhone". Research shows that recipients are more forgiving of spelling and grammatical errors if they know you sent your message using a small phone keyboard. I'm a huge Grammarly fan, and they have a mobile app. 

  5. Another surprise, email signatures that use some form of "thank you" get 36% more responses than closings like cheers, best or kindly. I'm making this change!

Check out my updated signature example below. 


You're likely already doing some of the things listed above. Increase your brand consistency by bringing it all together with your brand colors. Make it easy on yourself, use the HoneyBook or Hubspot email signature generator to create a strong, branded email signature for your business.

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Thanks for giving me a few minutes and the opportunity to share branding tips with you!