New Beginnings

Studio DBI Open House 2016  

It's been quiet here for longer than I planned. There's a good reason. WE MOVED! After almost nine years in DC Mark + I decided to move back to my hometown of Denver. In some ways the decision to leave DC was out or our hands. Mark's firm decided in early December to close the doors, and his last day was January 29. So we chose the Denver lifestyle, opportunities, family and friends over chasing a job somewhere new. It was stressful selling our house over the holiday's, finishing out Mark's work, packing up and moving across the country. There are plenty more stresses to come. We are currently staying with friends until our rental is finished. Luckily, I've been busier than ever with some exciting projects that I will be sharing here over the next couple of weeks.

For now, we are both so grateful for all we experienced, and the wonderful people we go to meet and work with DC. If feels good to know we have such amazing people in our lives despite the distance. Since so much of my work is done via email and Skype I know I'll still have many opportunities to work with people in DC and around the country. I'm also looking forward to meeting small business owners, wedding vendors and engaged couples in Denver that need of design services.

Before we left DC I partnered with Studio DBI for an Open House to kick-off 2016. I always enjoy brainstorming events with Liza, and am so happy with how the invitation turned out. Our color scheme of Copper and Mint reflected the fresh, welcoming upbeat vibe we wanted. We easily agreed on geometric shapes and simple herbs as our base design elements. Unfortunately a blizzard that same week meant a smaller crowd. Regardless, we had a great time connecting with the people who were able to attend.