key brand values



Reassessing your branding is a bit like looking at your wardrobe and not seeing anything that fits your style. That's how Sunshine of Silver Sparrow Photography felt before she decided to rebrand. In her own words, she "specializes in bold photography for sentimental and fearless couples around the world." She's a straight talking photographer who photographs weddings, seniors and professionals. Her key requests were a logo and complimentary watermark that could support all these different the client types, and reflected her strength as well as her feminine side. 

Her Pinterest board for the new branding was full of images with deep, rich colors and vintage, rustic and feminine touches. Pulling the items for her mood board was easy and you can see the colors for the new branding throughout the images above. 

There was no question that a bird needed to be part of the logo design. It needed to have a more assertive stance and become a real feature of the brand. The previous logo font was an ultra feminine script that was tricky to read as a watermark on her photos and didn't fit her personality. The new fonts have delicate elements, but aren't overtly girly. I'm obsessed with how clean and powerful they are!

Silver Sparrow Photo-Brand Board

The new logos and watermark fit Sunshine's philosophy, "Life is too take the risk, go on an adventure, eat dessert and travel as much as you possibly can!" Now her logo and messaging compliment her brand values and she's attracting the bold, adventurous client she loves to work with!