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Hey there! I'm Carina. I'm a brand strategist and graphic designer, and I support other passionate business owners. During the week you'll find me in my home studio executing client branding, websites or custom wedding invitations with my favorite little bird mug steaming nearby. Face time with clients to discuss their design dreams, define their brand and get to know them is key to a finished project is truly unique to their business or event.

Always a strategic thinker I work hand in hand with clients during the research and design phases of every project. Once the design is complete I walk each client through how to use their new the brand and website before handing the materials over.

My background includes designing marketing materials for a large financial corporation and more than eight years designing brands, websites and wedding stationery for small businesses and individuals. High quality design that engages, intrigues and genuinely reflects your style is at the core of every brand, web design or stationery project I design.

I value clean spaces that balance high design and comfort. After our last move, I realize I want fewer, quality things instead of more stuff and that I prefer a smaller home (less cleaning, maintenance and less room to fill with stuff). These philosophies carry over to how I work to create sophisticated designs.

It's not all business though. I take any opportunity to connect with friends, clients and fellow creatives. Interacting with others during a hike, coffee date, lunch or wine tasting is a key part to keeping the creative cultures active.

We're thrilled to be back in Colorado spending time hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, getting together with family, connecting with friends old + new, and checking out how my hometown has grown while we lived in the DC area.

Profile photo by Silver Sparrow Photography.

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Color | Peacock Blue

Celebrity Crush | Joanna Gaines

Movie | Everything is Illuminated

Activities | Hiking + Tennis

Food | My mom's Spanish Rice

Cocktails | Red Wine, Grapefruit Margaritas or Dirty Martinis

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